The Many Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil And Our Feet!

Our feet are rather important. We literally stand or fall on them! But all too often, we are not happy on them. My grandparents always said that if a shop assistant was not polite “her feet hurt, dear”! So how do we keep our feet in good nick? There is a way, naturally and painlessly.

Way back in 1770 a certain Captain Cook landed in what we now know as New South Wales, in Australia. He had been at sea for months, his men were tired, with almost every disease they could have from under-nourishment, bad conditions, sea salt burns and general malaise. And the boats were little better off. They had suffered through storms, general wear and tear and rotten wood. So, when they landed, both ships and men had to be repaired. Though tired and rather unwell, the men set to and began their tasks. Continue Reading

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The Aging Brain And Memory Loss

Memory loss can be frustrating, irritating and worrying. It may be that as we age, we become more aware of our memory and its shortcomings because we are all frightened of developing something like Alzheimer’s. That means that the older we get, the more aware we can get of having to write notes to remember important things or even day to day matters.

The fact that you have forgotten the occasional appointment or walked up stairs and then, cannot remember why you have got there, is not indicative of a memory disease or a problem with your brain. It’s just a fact of life and something we all do. Continue Reading

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Panic Attack Medications

Panic Attack Medications are effective in treating extreme and intensive panic attacks. Coupled with proper therapy, these medications can lessen the symptoms of these attacks and even prevent the many disorders that can arise from frequent anxiety attacks. These are prescription medicine, though, and should not be taken without your doctor’s advice, since many people have become addicted and dependent on medications prescribed for anxiety related conditions.

Doctors can prescribe different types of panic attack medication, depending on the nature and severity of your anxiety attacks. These medicines have helped those who have developed disorders live a normal, healthy life by easing the psychological and physical effects and causes of these attacks and disorders. Below are three of the most commonly prescribed medication for sufferers of panic attacks and the associated disorders. Continue Reading

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Whiplash Injuries

Whiplash is a non-medical, colloquial term used to describe neck injuries, usually as the result of automobile accidents. Generally, the neck is extended, twisted, contorted, or suddenly jerked out of place, and this causes damage. The severity of a whiplash injury is dependent on the violence of the automobile accident, and injuries are typically not life-threatening; however, there have been instances of permanent damage to the spinal cord, and you should always wear seat belts, properly situate headrests, and fasten children into their car seats or booster seats.

Causes of Whiplash:

In an automobile accident, the forceful collision between the automobile and the other object quickly halts the vehicle, but the law of inertia states that objects in motion tend to remain in motion. So, the car comes to a stop almost immediately, but the bodies of the passengers continue to move until they are restrained by the seat belts. The body decelerates at a dangerous pace, and the whipping of the head, back and forth, causes a stretching or straining of the neck ligament, and, typically, the anterior longitudinal ligament is torn or strained in the collision, but the spine can be fractured as well. In some cases, victims can experience a psychological whiplash; researchers have observed patients complaining about whiplash despite the fact that their necks are completely healthy. Continue Reading

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Gout Home Remedies

Gout Pain

There are some types of pain that just can’t be adequately translated into words. You either have to experience them or watch someone else do so to get an idea of how bad it is. Gout is one of these. Forget socks and shoes, a bed sheet is too heavy. That’s saying a lot.
Once you’ve had an attack, the two things you want most in life is to get over the first one and never have a second one. You may be in luck with this disorder, there are things you can do to make repeat experiences less likely.
Your doctor will tell you some of them. You’ll want to avoid organ meat, processed meats, beer and maybe wine. In fact, there will be a lot of favorite foods on the “do not eat” list. That’s only part of the battle. You see, all proteins contain at least some purine and that is what uric acid is made from. You can’t get by without protein, so managing the waste products and minimizing the affects is crucial. Here are seven things your doctor may or may not have told you about treating this disorder:

Home Treatments For Gout

Alfalfa: Small amounts of this favorite food of horses may be very valuable, due to its anti-inflammatory nature. It is best to consume it only in food amounts, as larger doses could cause other, potentially serious health problems.
Apple Cider Vinegar: It’s sort of like fighting fire with fire, except you’re fighting an acid with another acid. The malic acid found in ACV can help reduce uric acid levels and get rid of the pain. If you have a hard time with the taste of any vinegar, there are capsules available at many health food stores.
Celery Seed: There is still some debate about whether or not celery seeds will be useful in this endeavor. They are a diuretic, so in theory could help eliminate the excess acid. Many people say that the juice from celery stalks is equally valuable in this instance.
Cherry Juice: This seems to work fairly fast, and doesn’t taste bad at all. You can also eat tart cherries, but the juice is faster.
Diet: It seems every disorder comes with its own attendant diet. Watching protein count is just part of it. Foods with yeast in it can be a problem, but it’s hard to picture a piece of bread causing such intense pain. Your doctor will give you the particulars and may refer you to a nutritionist to make sure you get all the components needed for a healthy body without risking the pain. Adequate hydration is also a must on any diet for this condition.
Saffron: Be careful with this remedy. In food amounts, saffron is safe. However, in more than that, it could be very dangerous. However, saffron is a crocus and related to the autumn crocus, which has a lot of colchicine. Saffron is milder and safer. Never ingest autumn crocus, as it could kill in a hurry.
Strawberries: Linnaeus, the father of botany, suffered from gout. His wife told him to eat strawberries, but he didn’t want to do it. After all, it was just a fruit, right? Well, the pain got bad enough he was willing to try it, and low and behold, it worked. Like cherries, strawberries can help reduce the acid and stop the pain.
Speak with your doctor about these remedies, to make sure they are right for you. Make sure he or she knows of any medications or supplements you are already using, as there could be some drug/herb interactions.

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Eye irritation is a common problem experienced by individuals of all age groups. It is actually itching, stinging, burning or other painful irritating sensation in the eyes. The common symptoms associated with eye irritation is itching, redness, soreness, swelling, tearing, burning, pain, fatigue etc. along with a blurred vision. In such a situation patient often feels as if there is a speck in his eyes.
A host of conditions may lead to eye irritation, out of which, some require an immediate consultation with an ophthalmologist and some go away with time without requiring any medical treatment. But if you ever happen to suffer from a condition of eye irritation, you must avoid rubbing your eyes, using eye makeup etc., and you must also protect them from dust. Following are five mostly observed eye irritation causes along with the precautionary or curative measures that one should take in each of the cases:

1. Foreign Particles in Eyes: Continue Reading

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Is There Light At The End Of The Carpal Tunnel?

In this article we will discuss the typical symptoms seen with carpal tunnel syndrome or CTS, some of the current popular treatment options and what to do if you continue to suffer with this painful condition. Rest assured, there is a “light at the end of the tunnel”!

Common Symptoms Seen With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The most common symptoms seen in CTS are pain, tingling, numbness and/or weakness in the hand and wrist. So the most logical approach would seem to treat the wrist, right? WRONG! Unfortunately that is where most therapies focus treating the wrist. However, from my experience, this is usually way off the mark and they often mis-diagnose what is really causing the problem in the first place. Continue Reading

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Diabetes Facts

Many of us know about diabetes and that it is a result of excess blood sugar. Blood sugar is regulated by insulin,a hormone and when the body cannot produce enough insulin, the surplus blood sugar results in diabetes. In the United States alone almost 30 million people suffer from diabetes, and at least 30% of them have not been diagnosed with the disease. It is a horrifying fact and confirms that we need to recognize the symptoms of diabetes. What is diabetes is an important question, but knowing the symptoms of diabetes is even more important.

So, what should you look at for when it comes to diabetes? Continue Reading

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What Is Arthritis?

There are over one hundred forms of arthritis and related disorders. For instance, osteoarthritis is one of the most common forms of the disease. However, you will also come across gout, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and fibromyalgia. All of these diseases have in common that they cause pain and many of them cause severe pain.

What is arthritis? It is very basically an inflammation in the body which can cause pain and swelling, and is often found in and around the joint. The fluid filled sack inside the joint becomes inflamed, and this is what causes the pain. But, as we learn more about arthritis some diseases such as Crohn’s disease and Lupus, may soon be reclassified as arthritis. Continue Reading

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What Is Atrial Fibrillation

The heart consists of four chambers. The upper chambers are referred as the right, and the left atria and the lower chambers are called the right and left ventricles. The heart’s pumping action is regulated by electrical pulses that originate from the Sinoatrial (SA) node located in the right atrium. The Impulses from SA node which is also pace checker then travels the atrioventricular (AV) node, which is also another heart pace checker. Antrionvecular node subsequently conducts the impulses to the ventricles. This results in the proper coordination of the pumping action of the heart.

The right ventricle receives blood and puts it into the pulmonary system in order to collect oxygen whilst blood from the left ventricle is then pumped to the rest of the body. A healthy heart has a regular, constant rhythm that beats at about sixty to a hundred times in a minute. Continue Reading

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What Is Bronchitis

Specific indications accompany all conditions, and that includes bronchitis, a respiratory system problem that affects the lives of a large number of people in various parts of the world. The signs of respiratory disease are commonly incorrectly thought to be due to exposure to the cold. Doctors all over the world could make an exact medical diagnosis on the basis of the signs of respiratory disease because this is a well-studied condition and there are some relevant indicators.

Bronchitis is of two types-chronic and acute. Acute respiratory disease is a milder form that lasts for a couple of days. On the other hand, chronic respiratory disease is an extreme, long-lasting problem that requires cautious medical focus and therapy. Physicians can conveniently distinguish between the varieties on the basis of the various signs of bronchitis in the individual. Continue Reading

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Nootropics Features

nootropic for brainUnderstanding Nootropics

Nootropics are affordable, secure, and simple to take. Choline is among the most fundamental components for any Nootropics supplementation routine. Higher doses contributes to daytime drowsiness, though. The smart drugs also have been utilized to treat patients with Alzheimer’s as well as other neurological conditions. There are several different nutrients which are important to your own brain.

New Questions About Nootropics

Nootropics have existed for a very long time. They do not work equally on everyone, but for the most part, they do work quite well. Nootropics aren’t addicting, and they’ll never become addicting, however long you take them for. Continue Reading

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How Dangerous Are Foods Containing Aspartame

aspartamaneOver 6000 common foods contain aspartame, a chemical produced via genetically engineered bacteria, which serves as an artificial food sweetener. The FDA and other food standards bodies are happy to tell consumers that foods containing the chemical labelled as E951, aspartame is safe. Yet the FDA continues to receive more complaints about aspartame than any other food additive.

Aspartame has many critics who label the man made chemical, which magnifies the sweetness of sugar 180 times, as toxic, and link it to many illnesses. Repeated unsatisfied safety concerns have lead to aspartame being the most tested food additive on the market. However the results are not exactly impartial as independent studies have found aspartame to be dangerous whilst industry backed studies declare it is safe. Continue Reading

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What Are The Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

cayenne pepper healthCayenne peppers, are they good or bad for us? Some naturopaths swear by the health benefits of cayenne peppers, others are not so sure. It is difficult to say if cayenne peppers themselves are actually good for you, but there is a possibility that some peppers may have certain health benefits. After all, many of us do like to eat cayenne peppers as part of a spicy diet.

What is that makes cayenne peppers so spicy? Cayenne peppers contain capsaicin which is a very hot and spicy component of the pepper itself. It is contained in the seeds and the white ribs of the inside of the peppers. You have to be very careful when you handle cayenne peppers as they can cause serious irritation to the skin. When you are chopping cayenne peppers for your hot and spicy dinner, it is important to wear gloves and not touch your eyes. Don’t add too many cayenne peppers as they are associated with irritation of the stomach lining. Jamie Oliver loves them but cayenne peppers are not for all of us. It is always best to be careful. Continue Reading

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Can The Northwestern Larch Tree Increase The Body immune system?

larchThe fiber that has this incredible immune enhancing property is discovered in the wood of the larch tree and its called arabinogalactan (AG). Scientists just recently found that AG can improve the activity of natural killer (NK) cells. These cells can kill off microorganisms and cancer cells as quickly as it found in the body.

A research study done by the University of Minnesota and Southwest College found that AG improves leukocyte count in health people and integrated with Echinacea, AG enhanced the chemical properdin in the blood which assists the body immune system battle international drugs. Continue Reading

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Natural Ways to Reduce Snoring

We snore for various factors and also as an outcome, there are different all-natural means to minimize snoring. You might for circumstances locate that you snore just in the springtime. Could it be that you are sensitive to plant pollen or also experience from springtime bronchial asthma?
Have you constantly snored, or have you simply lately begun? Maybe you ought to inspect out your bed room atmosphere if your snoring is something brand-new. Maybe that you have something in your bed room that is creating you to snore, and also the terrifying point is, you might not also see it!

Bed pests are a large issue in our terrific main warmed residences. It seems really undesirable, and also several of us snore as an outcome of bed insects. Continue Reading

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Eating Healthy Foods for Breakfast that Cook in a Jiffy

By the time you obtain to lunch time, you’ve been mindful of your cravings for hrs, as well as emotionally, you really feel like you truly require to dig in to make up (God understands you really feel like you deserve it). The issue generally is that also when individuals desire to start their day consuming healthy and balanced foods, food preparation, for the many component, takes so much time that they simply cannot appear to handle. And also that ought to truly obtain you off on the best foot for the remainder of the day.

It’s rather obvious; generally, just what you do is you obtain an entire loaf of entire bread, as well as cut it out actually slim (a thinner piece has less calories). You after that salute it in a toaster stove with 2 slim pieces of tomato, 2 slim pieces of pork and also a piece of minimized fat cheddar on top. Continue Reading

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garlic and cholesterol

The Most Important Garlic Health Benefits

garlic and cholesterol

Recent current research studies have actually verified many health and wellnessAdvantages A substance Allicin located in garlic is thought to have powerful medical residential properties.

While the whole “head” is recognized as a garlic light bulb, each section is understood as a clove. When a garlic clove is smashed, cut, or ate, it develops one of the sulfur substances (allicin), generating the unique garlic odor as well as resulting right into lots of health and wellness advantages. Garlic assists you expand gorgeous hair
The high degrees of allicin discovered in garlic assists you finish hair loss troubles, as the substance– additionally discovered in onions– is reliable in dealing with hair loss. Simply massage sliced up cloves on your scalp whilst pressing the garlic for optimum advantage.
While it could not be the cornerstone in your recommended acne drug, it makes a great all-natural solution to obtain eliminate unattractive acnes. Massage a chopped clove on the irritating acne for a topical therapy, as its anti-oxidants eliminate microorganisms. Continue Reading

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Customized Fat Loss A New Kind Of Personalized Weight Loss Program.

customized fat lossTypically when people think about finding a personalized weight loss program which is individual to them they may be relying on out-dated weight loss methods. Ideas about foodstuffs and exercise regimes change over time. If you are looking to losing weight with a program tailored for you, there would be a few preparations you should make in order to achieve this:

Below are a few of the preparations which you may want to be carrying out right now: Continue Reading

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Thinking Of A Personalized Weight Loss Program?

To be believing of an effective weight loss strategy, you require to identify where you are at currently prior to you release in. Think about where you are weight smart by looking at you BMI– body mass index by determining your midsection to hip proportion.

Prior to starting any type of weight reduction program it’s constantly a smart idea to talk with your doctor as well as make sure that there are no hidden illness creating you to be obese. Your medical professional could gauge your bmi for you and consider your high blood pressure, your cardio vascular wellness, kidney feature, prospective heart concerns and so forth. This could provide you an useful understanding right into the feasible beginning of weight associated issues such as diabetic issues. Continue Reading

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