What Are The Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

cayenne pepper healthCayenne peppers, are they good or bad for us? Some naturopaths swear by the health benefits of cayenne peppers, others are not so sure. It is difficult to say if cayenne peppers themselves are actually good for you, but there is a possibility that some peppers may have certain health benefits. After all, many of us do like to eat cayenne peppers as part of a spicy diet.

What is that makes cayenne peppers so spicy? Cayenne peppers contain capsaicin which is a very hot and spicy component of the pepper itself. It is contained in the seeds and the white ribs of the inside of the peppers. You have to be very careful when you handle cayenne peppers as they can cause serious irritation to the skin. When you are chopping cayenne peppers for your hot and spicy dinner, it is important to wear gloves and not touch your eyes. Don’t add too many cayenne peppers as they are associated with irritation of the stomach lining. Jamie Oliver loves them but cayenne peppers are not for all of us. It is always best to be careful.

So, do cayenne peppers have any health benefits? As a matter of fact, we are beginning to learn more and more about the benefits of cayenne peppers. Recently, a cream was developed from cayenne peppers. Interestingly enough, a compound within cayenne peppers have been isolated and it seems that it may help with pain control. It is currently being used to treat sufferers of shingles who suffer terrific nerve pain. Many patients are reporting benefits.

Cayenne Peppers For Better Circulation

Can cayenne peppers help us to improve our circulation? It is quite possible that cayenne peppers can help us to improve circulation. A lab in Holland is at the moment doing a lot of research into certain compounds unique to peppers. They have discovered that cayenne peppers may have a future as a circulation booster. Circulation is vital in controlling all kinds of health conditions from heart problems to arthritis.

It seems that it is in the field of anti-inflammatory research, we are making the best headway. Patients suffering from arthritis also often claim that they feel cold. This is down to poor circulation, and it has longed believed that better circulation could help to aid arthritis sufferers. Now, we are pretty sure it can. Cayenne peppers does help to boost the circulation, and at the same time patients say that the affected joint feels warmer. This could be down to increased circulation, or reduced inflammation. As yet scientists are not sure.


We can do very little about the traffic congestion in our major cities, but we might be able to do something about nasal congestion. The good news is that cayenne peppers can help you to clear a congested nose. Scientists would love to be able to develop a spray to help with this, but it is difficult to make a cayenne pepper spray user friendly. Trials are ongoing but it is a tough cause. Perhaps it is better to try it the old-fashioned way.

Cut up one or two peppers, and put them in a small bowl. Pour over hot boiling water and let stand for a few minutes. Cayenne peppers like to oblige and will quickly release a strong spicy smell. Hold your face over the bowel without touching the water. Inhale the steam and your nose will be unblocked within minutes. A very easy way to make the most of cayenne peppers.

There are many different types of peppers. The most popular one is probably the bell pepper. The interesting thing is that all peppers are very rich in vitamin C, so you should try to add some of the less spicy ones to your diet. There is no need to burn the roof of your mouth, or tongue, to enjoy some extra vitamin C. Add peppers to your diet in the simplest way possible. Even a roast pepper will taste great on a piece of toast.

A good way to enjoy peppers is to make your own home made salad dressing. Just add the peppers to some olive oil, and let the oil fuse. About eight weeks later, you will have a delicious, but somewhat spicy salad dressing, just another easy way to enjoy the health benefits of cayenne peppers.