The Many Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil And Our Feet!

Our feet are rather important. We literally stand or fall on them! But all too often, we are not happy on them. My grandparents always said that if a shop assistant was not polite “her feet hurt, dear”! So how do we keep our feet in good nick? There is a way, naturally and painlessly.

Way back in 1770 a certain Captain Cook landed in what we now know as New South Wales, in Australia. He had been at sea for months, his men were tired, with almost every disease they could have from under-nourishment, bad conditions, sea salt burns and general malaise. And the boats were little better off. They had suffered through storms, general wear and tear and rotten wood. So, when they landed, both ships and men had to be repaired. Though tired and rather unwell, the men set to and began their tasks.

To get HMS Endeavour repaired required wood. That was certainly in plentiful supply. Whilst cutting down the trees, the men came into contact with the leaves on the trees they cleared. Bit by bit they found that cuts and abrasions, burns, bites and their debilitating skin ailments began to clear. The doctor with Captain Cook, Joseph Banks, took note of this and came up with what was, to him, a rather astonishing fact. The locals, Aborigines, used the leaves as their medical treatment. They had been using Tea Tree leaves for hundreds of years! The locals crushed the leaves so that the “juice” ran into their sores, thus healing them. With a poultice of mud surrounding the wound a cure was soon apparent. Captain Cook’s men repaired almost as rapidly as his boat.

On their return home the news of Tea Tree was quickly taken up by the medical world. Research was made into its bactericidal and germicidal properties. It was noted as a “non-poisonous, non-irritating antiseptic of unusual strength”. And that is the case to this day. It is a very powerful natural medicine.

The next significant use of tea tree was for the soldiers in both World Wars. They were treated with tea tree! The men each were given bottles of it during the Second World War because in the First World War they found that soldiers suffering from infected feet, when treated with tea tree oil, were rapidly cured.

I have always recommended that each and every one of us should have a small bottle of tea tree essential oil with a bottle of lavender essential oil. With lavender essential oil, you have, with a few sticking plasters, the natural “first aid kit”.  And here is why.

This pack is THE Essential First Aid for insect bites, stings, burns, cuts and scratches, bruises, sunburn, sore throats, acne, athletes foot and similar infections/fungi, sleeplessness and almost all minor incidents. Carry a pack with you at all times. In all cases use essential oils with care and always keep them safe and out of the hands of young children. Before using in an emergency, ensure that no one is allergic to any essential oil by testing on a small area of the skin. If in any doubt consult a doctor or pharmacist.

Particular Uses For Tea Tree Oil

Advice for Insect Stings, bites, or whenever an antiseptic is needed.
Apply one drop of each oil to the affected area as soon as possible after the event. The longer you delay, the less will be the effect. Repeat as necessary.

Cuts, scratches, minor skin injuries.
Clean the wound with clean water – even bottled fizzy water – and dry the area, dabbing gently with a clean tissue or cloth. Apply the minimum amount of Tea Tree oil to the affected area. If the skin is broken or needs protection, apply a plaster, always remembering that the adhesive will not stick to essential oil. Repeat as necessary.

Sore Throats and Infections of the Mouth.
Add two to three drops of Tea Tree Oil to a small glass of water and gargle or swill around the mouth before spitting out. Repeat as necessary.

Athletes Foot, Nail Infections and Similar Fungi.
Put  Tea Tree Oil on the affected areas, especially between infected toes, under infected toe nails before putting on your socks. Repeat as necessary.
When in doubt…!
This essential oil is nature’s answer to almost all problems where an antiseptic, antibiotic, fungicide and insecticide are required. The oil is100% natural and contain no chemicals. Always keep a bottle with you.
Enjoy the benefits of nature’s cures and be happy. Give your feet the best there is. Give them Tea Tree.