Trouble Falling Asleep?


Without the rest that you need each night, there is no way that you can function well each day. The amount of sleep each person needs each night to be at their best varies from person to person, but that person needs to figure out what they need so that they are sure to get the hours in. It can be hard to get what you need when you are having trouble falling asleep. Most have a time when they have to get up and if they have not gotten what they need, they have to go through the day without it. There are a few things people can do to fall asleep much more easily.

One reason why people have trouble falling asleep is because they drink too much coffee and soda throughout the day. Though you may feel tired physically, the caffeine is still stimulating part of your brain that deals with being alert and wake. You will do nothing but toss and turn if you have too much of it in your system at the end of the day. Switch to decaf drinks in the afternoon, or around four in the afternoon at the latest. If that does not help, you may have to stop drinking it even sooner. Some can drink tons of it and sleep, but you may not be one of those people.

You may also be having trouble falling asleep because you are not dealing with the stresses of life in the right way. We all have stress, both good and bad stress, but not everyone knows how to get rid of it so that they can go to sleep. Mulling over the same problem may not solve it when you are trying to fall asleep. Instead, write down everything that is going through your mind when you can not sleep and tell yourself that you will think about solutions the next day. For some, this is all that they need to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Distractions and noise can also be reasons why you are having trouble falling asleep at night. Some people can sleep through a house full of children running about, but some can not sleep through even the smallest amount of noise. If you feel that noise and lights are keeping you awake, remove the television from your bedroom, get a white noise machine, and do what you can to block out light. This may mean heavier drapes or it could mean sleeping with an eye mask. Some find that these small changes make a big difference.

It could be that one or more of the above things is the reason why you are having trouble falling asleep. Try them all one at a time or use them all at once to see if you can not fall asleep much more easily. If these fail, you may want to talk to your doctor about a prescription that you can use for short-term sleep issues. You should never rely on a sleeping pill indefinitely, but one can help once in a while when you are worn out and can not sleep and stay asleep.

The video below may help with meditation which is a good method of getting you to deal with those awkward sleep patterns