Natural Ways to Reduce Snoring

We snore for different reasons and as a result, there are various natural ways to reduce snoring. You may for instance find that you snore only in the spring. Why’s that? Could it be that you are allergic to pollen or even suffer from spring asthma? There are so many things to look at and sometimes it is easy to make the “snoring issue” a bit too complicated.

Your Bedroom Environment

Have you always snored, or have you just recently started? If your snoring is something new, perhaps you should check out your bedroom environment. It could be that you have something in your bedroom that is causing you to snore, and the scary thing is, you may not even see it!

Bed bugs are a big problem in our wonderful central heated homes. There are ways you can kill them off but bed bugs tend to be very persistent. They love your nice comforter or duvet, and that fancy pillow you bought, is now home to a whole colony without you knowing. It sounds very unpleasant, and many of us snore as a result of bed bugs.

We are not actually allergic to the bed bugs themselves, but we are allergic to their feces, Yes, their droppings are everywhere and are giving us breathing problems. It gets worse during the night, and can cause such irritation in our airways, that we start to snore. Remember to wash your bedding at least once a week, buy a pillow you can wash in really hot water and hoover your mattress. You are not actually hoovering up the bugs, you are hoovering up all of the little things like dry skin, they feed on.


Mold is a problem in many homes, and it can wreak real havoc with our airways. If, you feel that your nose is becoming congested, you might have a problem with mold in your home.

Starting checking out your walls, and especially around the heating pipes and water pipes. You may even want to buy a mold cleaner and start using that on a regular basis. The bathroom is the perfect place for mold to live, and I am sure that you have seen it there. Make sure that you deep clean your bathroom at least once a week. An excellent cleaner for mold, and mildew, is hot steam and steam cleaners are not that expensive.

Mold spores are large and are difficult to get rid off once they are in our respiratory system. The spores will cling on to soft tissue, and even continue to multiply. They can even reach your blood stream and cause infections in your blood. Why do doctors know it is a problem? More and more people are presenting with respiratory disorders which cannot be cleared up with antibiotics. With a bit of further examination, it is sometimes discovered that mold is at the root of the problem. Did you know that mold can even cause pneumonia?
Mold is known as the “revenge of the pharaohs” in Egypt as many grave robbers, and archaeologists, have been effected by it.

Natural ways to reduce snoring is more than often than not all about cleaning up your home environment.